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Easy Forty Fourth Street, LLC

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Austin, Texas

Ashram is a six (6) unit condominium development located on 0.101-acre tract of land located at 707 West 14th Street.  Mahoney Engineering provided preliminary engineering and due diligence along with service extension requests to Austin Water.  We designed and engineered a 325 linear feet offsite wastewater infrastructure.  Obtain site development permits from the City of Austin, coordinated with franchise utility providers, obtained approval through the City of Austin’s Austin Utility Coordination Committee (AULCC) and to participate in the regional stormwater management plan.  Additional entitlements were obtained via a site plan exemption to demolish the existing building and traffic control plans for right of way (ROW) permits.  Mahoney Engineering is currently providing ongoing construction phase services on the project.

Ashram Aerial_edited.jpg
Page One 2008 Ashram Bid Set 0201_22.jpg
2021-08-20 Ashram Plans SP-2020-0409CS (1).jpg
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