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We were grateful for the opportunity to work with Austin Sports Center in preparing a full Site Plan for their Cedar Park location. This addition will be a 9,808 square-foot indoor sports facility built onto the current structure. Our team provided a range of services including due diligence research, study of existing conditions, and preliminary engineering to produce construction plans for site development.


Our team’s due diligence included extensive research into legal documents pertaining to the site, and the City of Cedar Park Municipal Code to determine constraints for site development. Additionally, we analyzed and investigated the existing building, past site plans, zoning restrictions, and the surrounding area development to address any needs for an additional building.


The services included due diligence research, study of existing conditions and preliminary engineering to produce construction plans for site development.


In the study of existing conditions our team made a site visit to assess areas of risk and gather information for drainage solutions.  The team identified all existing utilities and drainage systems.  The existing drainage system and pond were studied for their current need and effectiveness as well as handling changes due to a new building.


The design of new drainage pipes, surface grading and utilities were integrated into the existing systems.  3D modeling was used to correctly route pipes without interference. A Site Plan layout was developed along with erosion and sedimentation controls for construction.  Site grading for new pavement and natural ground were proposed to and integrated into the drainage system. Our team also worked with other contracted trades and subcontractors to complete our full Site Plan set.

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