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Bergstrom Tech Center Pumphouse


Capitol Commercial Investments

Project Type

Administrative and Business Offices


Austin, Texas

Mahoney Engineering provided civil engineering services to decommission two (2) 150,000 gallon water storage tanks and a twin 1,500 gallons per minute pump station that supplies fire protection to the Bergstrom Tech Center.  We prepared construction documents to relocate and build a new pump house. The results of our work lead to the creation of additional developable land area within the property.  We secured a commercial tap plan and site plan exemption approval associated with the design.  Bergstrom Tech Center was previously developed by Lockheed Martin, which was where the Nike Missile was developed and tested.  Austin was considered a target for the communists in the 1960’s and the Nike Missile was part of US Strategic Air Command’s deference to an incoming Russian missile.   

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