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Bryce Dierschke, Engineer Associate

Bryce has 3+ years of experience in the land development market of Austin and surrounding jurisdictions. He has provided civil engineering services to new and repeating clients on projects spanning from a 20-plus acre expansion of private aviation facilities to 60-foot tower on a half-acre site in downtown Austin. Bryce enjoys problem solving and is always looking for unique solutions to intricate problems that are tailored to the clients desired product. He takes special pride in his hydrology and hydraulic modeling capabilities for floodplain delineations and water quality / detention pond designs.


Bryce grew up in San Angelo, Texas and obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas Tech University in Civil Engineering in 2020. He had an internship with Mahoney Engineering in the summer of 2020 and accepted a full-time position shortly after. When not working, Bryce enjoys spending time outdoors playing golf and disc golf on the multitude of municipal courses in Austin and surrounding areas. He also enjoys spending weekends out on his family's ranch in West Texas.

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