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Burger King Redevelopment


Rise Commercial Partners


Austin, Texas

Project Type

Mixed Use

Mahoney Engineering provided site civil engineering services and professional land surveying to redevelop the old burger King site at the southeast corner of 35th Street and Jefferson.  The services included site investigation report, massing study, preliminary engineering, and service extension request (SER) for Water and Wastewater demands to the site. The due diligence efforts considered the historic centerline of 35th Street to establish urban street scape layout per Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP).  Facilitated coordination of a parking consultant to ensure the parking garage was efficiently layout out to maximize parking without impacts to the adjacent Right of Way (ROW) and limited the excavation of the project garage.  The project is currently obtaining City of Austin entitlements for full development and zoning with another engineering firm that had historic land knowledge of the site and we wish them success in obtaining approval.

2021.04.29 35TH & JEFFERSON CS MASSING STUDY (2)-2.jpg
2021.04.29 35TH & JEFFERSON CS MASSING STUDY-1.jpg
2021-06-11 1018-10002 3 page (EXC BUILD MASS) (003) On-street Parking DMM-1.jpg
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