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Epp Homestead


Epp Management Trust

Project Type

Single Family


Austin, Texas

Mahoney Engineering provided general property entitlement due diligence through the acquisition of a single-family tract of land located at 3212 Beverly Road.  The objective was to expand the Epp Homestead at 3214 Beverly Road into the acquired lot. To mitigate risks associated with developing over a lot line. We consulted our client to not utilized a Residential Unified Development Agreement (UDA) because building plans were not ready to be submitted until closing occurred.  Typical if a building plan and a building permit are ready to be submitted then a Residential UDA could be coupled to the application and would be the appropriate vehicle for entitlement.  We directed the client to do a resubdivision (replat) of the property.  As a result, Mahoney Engineering provided engineering and professional surveying services to replat the property.  Mahoney Engineering was successful in obtaining all necessary entitlements and once the platting was approved the transaction closed.  Mahoney Engineering also was sensitive to water and wastewater impact fees associated with platting efforts, as a result, we worked with the taps office to utilize existing meter services and converted one (1) domestic meter to an irrigation meter without triggering additional impact fees.

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